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The Choose Happiness book is here!


"Everything about this book is fantastic. Most important, this book disperses wisdom which serves to benefit everyone." 

- Brian Felgoise,

"Rachel offers ideas and inspiration for “building your own toolbox” of ways to consciously cultivate more happiness in your everyday lives and others."

- Melissa Firman, Goodreads

"This book will bring you absolute joy! Her intentions are so powerful and uplifting that she makes you want to choose happiness over and over again."

- Dr. Elizabeth Agnew PD, DPT, Denver, CO

Meet the author!

Rachel Cole has made the choice to infuse happiness and positivity into all aspects of her life. Her Choose Happiness book was published for this very purpose, as are her uplifting YouTube channel videos, blogs, interviews, and podcasts. In addition to the Choose Happiness project, Rachel also runs a specialty gift business, Abundant Blessings, which offers tangible personalized gifts of encouragement and support globally. In addition, Rachel founded and spearheads the non-profit organization Princess Brides, which provides bridal and formal attire to those in need completely free of charge.

Do you want to begin living your happiest life possible?
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Happiness is a choice that we make every day. Regardless of our circumstances we can choose light over darkness, faith over despair, and hope over disappointment.


We always have a choice: CHOOSE HAPPINESS!

Featured Videos and Podcasts!

The Quandrum Art of Joyful Living Podcast - Episode 8 - Rachel Cole
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Art of Joyful Living Podcast

"I was honored to be a guest on The Quandrum Art of Joyful Living Podcast, hosted by founder Andrew Cannon. We talked about the four Joyful Living Community pillars: Fun, Belonging, Growth, and Impact, and ways to incorporate each one into our choosing happiness journey."

Happy Listening

Podcast series

Join Rachel Cole as she delves into topics pertaining to choosing happiness despite the challenges we face in life.. Visit the Podcasts page of the website or head to to listen.

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Join those who have already made the choice to live their happiest life possible!

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