These are baskets that are filled with items based on any theme you like! With the free consultation you will choose a theme and then basket items are curated based on that theme and the recipient’s needs. Below are some themes that have worked beautifully, but the sky is the limit on what can be put together and sent.


The “Poppin’ In To Say Hello” Basket

  • All items have the word “Pop” on them, including Popcorn, Pop Tarts, Blow Pop lollipops, Pop ‘Ems doughnuts, Mary Poppins books/films, Pop Chips, soda pop bottles, Popcorners, etc.


The “When Life Gives You Lemons Make Lemonade” Basket

  • Lemonade cookies, Lemonade drink mix, Lemonade pitcher with matching glasses, “When Life Gives You Lemons Make Lemonade” chalkboard sign, “Lemonade” CD by Beyonce, etc.


The “In Front Of The Fire Basket” Children’s Version

  • S’mores supplies: Marshmallows, Chocolate bars, Graham crackers, Marshmallow toasting sticks, Hot Chocolate mix with mugs, Colored kindling pinecones, Coloring book and crayons, age appropriate books (that the recipient likes), cozy socks, etc.


The “In Front Of The Fire” Basket Adult Version

  • S’mores supplies: Marshmallows, Chocolate bars, Graham crackers, Marshmallow toasting sticks; Hot Buttered Rum/Hot Toddy drink mix and mugs, Long reach fire starter lighter/long fire starter matches, Classical/Romantic music CD, Kindling sticks, etc.


The “A Trip To Italy” Basket

  • Pasta, Italian sauce, Biscotti, Pizza making kit, pizza cutter, Italy photo book, Italian language CDs, Wine glasses, Red and white checked tablecloth, Italian bread mix, etc.


The “Have a Sweet Day” or “Thank You, You’re So Sweet” or “You’re My Honey” Honey Basket

  • Honey, Bit O’ Honey candy bar, Honey roasted nuts, honey lip balm, honey soap, honeycomb, chocolate honey mints, honey holder with dipper, honey cookies, etc.


The “You Can Do It” Health and Fitness Encouragement Basket

  • Water bottle, Pedometer, Health magazine, Resistance bands, Ponytail holders, Sweat bands, Moisture wicking socks, Jump rope, Sport beans/Energy goo, yoga mat, etc.


The “Bon Voyage” Travel Basket

  • Luggage tags, Luggage scale, travel-sized toiletries, hand sanitizer wipes, travel-sized snacks (appropriate for car/plane/train travel), Travel games, neck pillow, passport holder, outlet adaptor, collapsible tote, etc.


The “Get a Good Night’s Sleep” Basket

  • Lavender linen spray, Sleepytime tea, Stars and Moons pillowcases, White noise/Soothing music CD, lotion gloves and socks, Scented candle, Sleep mask, Ear plugs, etc.


The “Enjoy The Four Seasons” Basket

  • Spring - a slinky (pun), flower seeds, mini umbrella, wind chimes, etc.
  • Summer - beach ball, sunscreen, flip flops, picnic blanket, watering can, etc.
  • Fall - leaves towels, pumpkin spice chai mix, leaf themed socks, etc.
  • Winter - snowman kit, mittens, blanket, fire kindling sticks, etc.


After purchasing this gift, you will be contacted by email to set up a free consultation about the recipient and specific theme and gifts desired.

Themed Gift Baskets

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