This gift package includes several gifts for the recipient to open and enjoy as he or she recovers from surgery or a long illness. Each gift is to be opened at a certain time, i.e. The night before surgery, the day after surgery, three days after surgery, one week post surgery, two weeks post surgery, etc. up to six or eight weeks after surgery depending upon the patient’s needs. These little items to look forward to and open on post-surgical recovery milestones can be invaluable when someone is facing a long and difficult recovery ahead. Items can include:


Night Before Surgery: Framed encouraging saying, a personalized box to hold jewelry to keep it safe during the operation, cozy socks with treads to wear in the hospital, a small stuffed animal to keep by the bed, a small framed photo to keep nearby during the hospital stay, etc. These are just some ideas, it can be whatever is most comforting and helpful for the patient.


Day After Surgery: An Amazon/Netflix gift card to watch movies, a soft pajama or loungewear shirt with buttons (to access surgery sites/drains) and matching comfortable elastic waist bottoms, a “freshen up” kit with a hairbrush, barrettes, and lip gloss, travel games to play when visitors come, lavender sleep linen spray, books to read while recovering, etc.


One Week After Surgery: Funny DVDs like Impractical Jokers to help keep the patient’s spirits up, gift certificate to an ice cream/candy shop (assuming they are back to a regular diet), board games, video games, a jigsaw puzzle, a paint by numbers set with paints, a grown-up coloring book with colored pencils, a sea salt lamp, etc.


Two Weeks After Surgery: Gift card for a nearby movie theater, exercise bands for PT (if appropriate), a fancy water bottle, invigorating body wash, a mini ping pong set, an indoor herb planting set, word puzzle/Sudoku books with pens, etc.


The gifts can continue for as long as you want, with the recipient opening one per week. The gifts themselves are less important than the joy and anticipation that the patient will feel looking forward to the milestones. The final one can be related to something that they enjoy doing and are now well enough to do like a trip to a golf course, a night out to dinner, an evening of bowling, or whatever the person will specifically enjoy after a long recovery period.


After purchasing this gift, you will be contacted by email to set up a free consultation about the recipient and specific gifts desired.

Surgery Recovery Gift Package

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