The gifts in this package are intended to help a patient get through chemotherapy treatments, and also to give them something to look forward to either during or after a treatment. Gifts for during treatment include:


A warm blanket, a soft warm hat, a soft scarf, warm fuzzy socks, a big water bottle, sucking candies (if allowed), lavender scented roll on oil for under the nose, a small soft pillow, word puzzle books and pens, captivating thriller or mystery books, a jigsaw puzzle on a roll up puzzle mat, music streaming gift cards or pre-made music mixes, portable DVD player, etc.


Gifts to open after each treatment can include: A framed, inspiring and encouraging quote, nail polish/pedicure set, an artificial flower bouquet, decorated rocks/paperweights with inspiring sayings, favorite candy or confection, a calming facial mask, a pretty scented candle, restaurant gift card, etc. Anything that feels like a reward for having gotten through another session.


Similar gifts can be used for someone going through a long illness. Giving the patient something to look forward and to help them remain optimistic can work wonders during the recovery process.


After purchasing this gift, you will be contacted by email to set up a free consultation about the recipient and specific gifts desired.

Chemotherapy/Long Illness Spirit Booster Gift Package

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